What we do

Aqualyd Ltd provides high quality research and science to support the use of active underwater acoustics for monitoring and studying the aquatic environment. We are experts in the use of echosounders and sonars, quantitative analysis and interpretation of active acoustic data, and development of marine subsea equipment.

Aqualyd Ltd has an extensive global network that provides access to the latest developments in the use of active acoustics for studying the aquatic environment. This also provides the stepping off point for the development of novel solutions to your operational and scientific challenges.

Our services include:

  • Acoustic surveys of aquatic organisms (e.g., zooplankton and fish)
  • Calibration of echosounders, whether mounted on large vessels or small portable systems,
  • Analysis¬†of active acoustic data for biomass surveys and ecosystem understanding,
  • Conversion of acoustic data between different file formats,
  • Numerical modelling of underwater acoustic scatter,
  • Design and implementation of acoustic data formats and conventions, 
  • Design, implementation, and integration of subsea equipment, especially active acoustic sensors.