Echosounder calibration winch system

This is a winch system for vessel-based calibration of echosounders, sonars, etc, using a calibration sphere. It comprises three battery powered winch/pole units, two wireless winch controllers, and transit cases for these. An Android app is available to show winch status.

Communication between the winch controller and the winches is wireless with an effective working range of about 60 m. This can be extended by switching the second controller to signal repeater mode.

The winch controller is easily held in one hand and provides a raise/lower switch for each winch, a speed dial that applies to all winches, an on/off switch, and a switch to change the operation of the controller to act as a signal repeater.

Each winch unit includes a telescopic pole, the electric winch, and the battery mount. All of these are fixed to a plate that is easily secured to the vessel railing. There is a security rope on the inboard end of the pole that can be attached to the vessel.

Each winch can lift a 3 kg load at maximum speed (1 m/s) and 6 kg at slower speeds. The winch reel can hold at least 150 m of 0.5 mm diameter line. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides sufficient power for about five hours of typical operation.

An Android app is provided that shows line out, speed, direction, and battery state for each winch. The line out values can be zeroed and saved to remember the line lengths for a particular sphere position. The app communicates with the winch controller via Bluetooth.

A robust wheeled hard case is included for safe storage and transport of the system. A tube is provided to hold the three poles.

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